Master Master Molecular nano- and bio-photonics for telecommunications and biotechnologies

Erasmus Mundus

This Master Course offers an original qualification in the highly innovative domain of molecular photonics for telecommunications and biology.


Skills will be acquired at the strongly interdisciplinary level needed to master emerging technologies and to develop original concepts and applications aiming at novel technological breakthroughs in this domain.

The programme is aimed at students already awarded or expecting a BSc (or a higher degree) or equivalent before the starting date of the first term (September 2017 for the current applications).


Each student will have to follow courses in at least two different Institutions. A full semester must be spent in a single Institution.

Each mobility period corresponds to one semester, i.e. September-January of the first Academic year (to be spent in Cachan or Paris Descartes), February-June of the first year (at Wroclaw University or Complutense University), September- February of the second year (to be spent either in Cachan or at WUT), and March-August of the second Year (Microthesis).


Degrees awarded by each institution (ECTS units acquired at one place are recognized by other institutions)

  • Master's degree in Molecular Photonics for bio- and nanotechnologies (ENS Cachan)
  • National Master's degree in Molecular nano- and bio-photonics for telecommunications and biotechnologies (Universidad Complutense, Madrid)
  • MsC in Chemistry (University of Wroclaw)
  • MSc Eng in Materials Science (WUT).


The master's degree leads to a wide range of career opportunities: teaching or research in physics or biology, research engineering in public research organizations (after a doctorate), and senior positions in IT and biotechnology companies.