ARIA Diploma (Artificial Intelligence)

ENS Paris-Saclay offers, in initial and continuing education, a diploma "Research Year in Artificial Intelligence" (ARIA) open to a multidisciplinary public with the aim of training scientists who master these tools and associated concepts in order to apply them to different disciplines.

This diploma is aimed at all students from the University of Paris-Saclay, whether they come from theoretical scientific backgrounds (mathematics, computer science, engineering, etc.) or from other disciplines (biology, physics, social sciences and humanities, languages, etc.) wishing to become specialists in their field by supplementing their disciplinary expertise with AI skills. It could be open to a wider range of people depending on their profile and their personal and professional project.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a major challenge for society and the economy, both nationally and internationally. This rapidly growing set of concepts and technologies is used in many fields: transport, health, commerce, personal assistance, industry, environment, finance and defence.  Its applications are numerous: image and video processing, language-related applications, predictive analysis under fluctuating conditions, automation, robots, bioinformatics, etc. AI is therefore the intersection of multiple technologies: web crawling, data mining, data science, machine learning, deep learning, etc.


The course runs from mid-September to mid-July and is divided into two semesters.

  • The first semester (mid-September to the end of January) is divided into four training modules and an AI project in an ENS Paris Saclay laboratory.
  • The second semester is devoted to a research internship of at least 20 weeks in a laboratory or a company, in France or abroad.


This degree presents an intensive one-year training programme. Students wishing to apply for this course must show strong motivation and interest in AI and the interface with application domains, given the demands of the proposed training.

Target audience

The training programme is open to all students with a minimum of M1 level or equivalent without pre-requisites but with a project to complete their disciplinary training with AI skills.


  • 4 AI Reinforcement modules providing the fundamental theoretical concepts and tools associated with AI are proposed in the form of AI Reinforcement modules.
  • Other workshops, seminars, summer schools, or teaching modules may complement this training.
  • An AI Project takes place from the beginning of November to the end of January (3 months) in a laboratory of ENS Paris Saclay. For the "Normiens", this project must take place in a laboratory not belonging to their home department. The AI project constitutes a first research experience on AI topics, and will be supervised by a project tutor who will follow the student during the internship, possibly assisted by an AI expert from the pedagogical team of the AI Course.
  • The research internship of a minimum duration of 20 weeks in a laboratory or a company, in France or abroad, on an AI subject validated beforehand by the ARIA diploma pedagogical council.

Assessment and validation procedures

To validate the diploma, students must have

  • An average of more than 10/20 for the IA Reinforcement modules
  • An average of more than 10/20 for the IA project
  • An average of more than 10/20 for the IA internship

The final grade for the year is a weighted average of the grades obtained in each UE (weighting coefficient linked to the number of ECTS).