Supporting the school

ENS Paris-Saclay is entitled to receive private and corporate donations.
Your donation is tax-deductible. You can choose to provide support for training, research or a specific School project.

Supporting ENS Paris-Saclay

There are many societal challenges between 2020 and 2030: climate change, food and energy sustainability, access to healthcare for all, handling economic warfare and an unstable geopolitical context and the development of human rights.  

How can we reconcile economic competitiveness and the safeguarding of a fair and democratic model for society? For a country like France, the 5th largest economic power in the world, the key factors in responding to these challenges are education, research and innovation.

Choosing to support ENS Paris-Saclay means everyone according to their means contributing their support to those individuals who answer these challenges with the tools of science, research, and transmission of knowledge to the younger generations and to society as a whole.

At the heart of Université Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris-Saclay is answering a twofold need:

  • the ambition of excellence of the public scientific research needed by Francein terms of outreach;

  • the linkage between research and higher education and the needs of large companies in terms of innovation, technological transfer and skill building.

In order to pursue this public interest role, ENS Paris-Saclay relies on its community members (teachers-researchers, research and teaching support staff, students and graduates) as well as friends of the school, parents, partner company professionals, etc. Your commitment to us speaks volumes about the trust you place in the School.

When you make a donation to ENS Paris-Saclay, you are choosing to support all the school projects or a specific project.




ENS Paris-Saclay undertakes to:

- Inform you about the impact of your donation and the progress it has allowed to take place;
- Provides you with visibility by linking your name with the project you have supported (only if you choose to);
- Invite you to participate in the School’s highlights;
- Enable you to have a direct contact with those who are benefitting from your donation;
- Have you benefit from the school’s recognition programme.