The Office of the President comprises the president, vice presidents and a director of professional services.   
Together they form the executive committee, which meets once a week.

Office of the President


Pierre-Paul Zalio, president of ENS Paris-Saclay, was appointed on 4 October 2012 by decree of the president of France for a five-year term, which may be extended for a second term. He was chosen from among leading academics in fields taught and researched at the School.

As the head of the institution, he chairs the board of governors and authorizes its budget and expenditure. He has authority over all the School's staff and is responsible for the maintenance of order and security.

Vice Presidents

Vice presidents and Director of Professional Services provide further strategic leadership for ENS Paris-Saclay.

Crédit photo : Flavia Raddavero

Philippe Maître

Vice president for research, oversees the research activities of the School's various laboratories and institutes and the activities of the Doctoral College.

He initiates multidisciplinary research projects and interfaces with research organizations and the ministry of higher education and research.


Cécile Durieu

Vice president in charge of the School's strategy for managing and increasing its resources.
She is responsible for internal budgetary discussions and negotiations with the School's partners.


Claire Lartigue

Vice president for education, coordinates all of the School's teaching and learning activities and is instrumental in setting education policy within the executive committee.

Her responsibilities include admissions and the entrance examination, developing courses and programmes and recruiting associate professors and professeurs agrégés


Caroline De Sa

Vice president for studies and student life, supports the VP Education in orchestrating the reform of programme structure and establishment of the ENS Paris-Saclay diploma, as part of the new master's programme catalogue.


Director of professional services

François Tavernier, director of professional services, is a member of the executive committee.
He is responsible for all of the School's administrative and technical services and contributes to their modernization.


ENS Paris-Saclay comprises 12 academic departments covering a wide spectrum of disciplines, each with their associated research laboratories.

Laboratories and research institutes

ENS Paris-Saclay is a very active centre for research with more than 600 researchers and doctoral students. They work in 14 laboratories and 3 interdisciplinary research institutes, all of which are nationally and internationally recognized.


The laboratories conduct their research in a multidisciplinary environment that really sets the School apart. Exceptional teams and diverse expertise come together in one place to serve the advancement of applied sciences and engineering.

Research institutes

Three interdisciplinary institutes coexist at ENS Paris-Saclay, with the shared aim of breaking down disciplinary barriers in scientific research. These are:

  • The D'Alembert Institute, which coordinates the research of physics, biology, chemistry and applied physics laboratories on the theme of molecular photonics and its applications in information technology and biotechnology.
  • The Farman Institute, which brings together laboratories in applied mathematics, computer science, mechanics, automation, information and energy to study the theme of complex systems modelling, simulation and experimentation.
  • The Maison des sciences de l'Homme Paris-Saclay, which is a incubator for research projects in the social sciences and humanities across the whole of Université Paris-Saclay.