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COVID-19 : educational continuity

Covid19 - March 17th, at 16 pm : on-campus teaching activities have entirely stopped.

Dear students,

Following the President's adress about measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, on-campus teaching activities have entirely stopped, which has a significant impact on your academic career.

We would like to reassure you that, as teaching staff, we are determined to do everything we can to offer you new learning environments and to help you organize :

  • by helping you pursue your academic career using remote activities and adapted learning tools;
  • by giving you the possibility to postpone certain activities if it is deemed necessary;
  • by setting up alternative options for assessment and exams if necessary.

The teaching staff will get back to you in the course of next week to give you information about the new organization of teachings, which we invite you to attend diligently. Please inform your activity or course manager (responsable d'activité / responsable de formation) and the head of your department of any difficulty that you may have in implementing remote learning activities after receiving the instructions.

We ask you to keep in touch with your department through your institutional email adress, and through the phone number that you gave to your teaching manager and to the School. It is necessary that we maintain this link from a distance, as individual on-site meetings are not possible anymore.

Internships which had already started before lockdown can continue, provided the host institution auhtorizes you to pursue your work, either on the premises, or remotely. All upcoming internships, however, are postponed. Remote forms of internships or dissertations might be offered depending on your departments' options. We refer you to your department for any question concerning that matter.

We will keep you regularly updated on the impact that the evolution of the health situation might have on how the School works and on teaching.

We genuinely hope that each and everyone of you is as safe and healthy as possible, and we thank you for complying with all the recommanded precaution measures (including social distancing) to protect yourself and the community at large.
As a reminder, all student and volunteering activities are suspended.

If you think you might have been infected by COVID-19, please contact the crisis center immediately at  covid19 [at]

If you are abroad and haven't contacted the SRI yet, please do it now at ri-outgoing [at]

Please let us know of any difficult situation that you or a fellow classmate might face  to the present context, so that we may assist you or your friend through the crisis center at covid19 [at]


Caroline DE SA
Vice-présidente déléguée aux études et à la vie étudiante