David Roger Jones Owen - Professor Dpt Civil Engineering Wales Swansea University
Civil Engineering

David Roger Jones Owen

Professor in University of Wales Swansea in the Department of Civil Engineering (UK). ENS Cachan honorary doctorate in 2007.

David Roger JDavid Roger Jones Owen is Professor in University of Wales Swansea in the Department of Civil Engineering.

With Professor Zienkiewicz, he first contributed to the development of computational strategies for plastic deformation problems, both
for material studies and structural application. He is one of the pioneer of the discrete element methods for particulate modelling and the simulation of multifracturing phenomena.

Contributions have been made possible to fundamental understanding in several key areas; explosive simulations with evolving detonation gas distribution, deep level mining operations, high velocity impact and structural failure predictions, seismic and
blast loading. He is the one who conducts this method to its highest level of reprensentativity.


Professor Owen's contribution has been widely recognised: elected member of the international organisation establishing standards for the safe use of finite element methods, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in1996, Honorary D.Sc. by the
University of Porto 1998, Computational Mechanics Award of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) in 2002.Warner T. Koiter Medal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in 2003.
In 2004, Professor Owen received the highest distinction of IACM the Gauss-Newton Medal.