Master of Design
Master of Design
Graduate programmes in applied arts and design include the DSAA (M1), the Master in Higher Education Teaching or research-based master's (M2), the ENSCI industrial design degree (M2), etc.

Learning objectives

The courses offered by the department allow students to combine a comprehensive view of design with diverse and specialized programmes.

  • the agrégation in applied arts or Master of Higher Education Teaching and the M2 Design, run solely by ENS Cachan
  • courses for the DSAA held at the design schools to which our ENS Cachan design students normally also applied in view of completing a two-year programme


M1 - Design research

M2 : Design research

M2 : Formation à l'enseignement supérieur en Design


Graduates can sit the competitive agrégation examination in art, applied arts option, and construct a research project.
The research-based master's programme aims to encourage students to pursue careers in design research, through exposure to and interaction with leading researchers.