Our missions

The Scène de recherche develops its actions on the scale of the Université Paris-Saclay and the Saclay urban campus, the first French scientific cluster bringing together 60,000 students and 11,000 researchers. It works in a network with a wide range of laboratories, cultural partners and scientific and artistic higher education establishments at regional, national and international level.

Artists, researchers and engineers from all disciplines are witnessing the effervescence of the encounter between arts, sciences and technologies. The Scène de recherche organises residencies and research-creation workshops, offers workshops in artistic practices and diploma courses, programmes meetings and debates...

In singular and adventurous configurations, theatre, music, dance, visual arts and media arts intersect with the fields of basic sciences, engineering sciences and social sciences.

The physical and political commitment to social issues is obvious. Opening up to the most diverse audiences, initiated or not, is at the heart of the movement.

Imagination, audacity and conviviality. Share the adventure with us!

The Scène de recherche is an original object, a platform for artistic experimentation, a working and meeting place for students, scientists and artists, and a cultural venue. In its own way, it pursues the missions of the École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay. Nature, the world and its uncertainties, science and technology, symbolisations and imaginations, all these elements must be questioned and explored relentlessly. Placing a place of culture and research-creation at the heart of the University of Paris-Saclay means providing ourselves with a tool to renew the ways of thinking, creating, training, researching and teaching. It means offering a space for exploration.To open a theatre today is to make a conscious bet that spectators from all walks of life have a vital need to confront creation, its poetry and its questioning. To succeed in such a wager, your enthusiasm is essential. Just as much as the fervour of the artists, engineers and scientists who have developed this first season of the Research Stage. The scope and influence of what is being invented here depend on you: they will be the fruit of this community of desires and curiosities that we will carry together!