Legal Services, Institutional Affairs and Procurement
Legal Services, Institutional Affairs and Procurement

Legal Services, Institutional Affairs and Procurement

The division has two separate missions: the handling of legal matters and public procurement.

Bâtiment d’Alembert – 3e étage
61, Avenue du Président Wilson
94235 Cachan Cedex
Tel. 33 (1) 47 40 76 51


The missions of this division cover three separate areas:

Legal services

  •     drafting and review of the School's complex legal documents: agreements and contracts (excluding research contracts), deliberations and individual decisions;
  • legal advice: advice to divisions and departments, dissemination of legal information (legislation and regulations) throughout the School;
  • advice on issues related to intellectual property;
  • data protection advisor;
  • advice in litigation: investigating pre-litigation and litigation cases; filing of complaints on behalf of the School, defence of the School before administrative tribunals and administrative courts of appeal;
  • recording and archiving of agreements.

Institutional affairs

  • supervision and control of documents related to the governance of the School;
  • preparation, follow-up and drafting of the deliberations of the Board of Directors;
  • preparation and follow-up of disciplinary committees;
  • preparation and monitoring of elections;
  • participation in drafting the various statutory documents of ENS Paris-Saclay (statutes, IR, etc.);
  • preparation of standard delegations of signatures/powers and publication.


Public procurement

  • logistical support to divisions/departments for preparing technical specifications;
  • drafting documents for public tenders;
  • calls for tender through the "procédure adaptée" and through the e-procurement platform;
  • opening of tenders and transfer to the divisions/departments concerned for evaluation;
  • organization of tender evaluation committees;
  • notification of award of contracts;
  • administration of public contracts (amendments, renewal, termination, etc.) and support for the financial implementation of public contracts;
  • annual public procurement review (Article 133 of the CMP) and record keeping;
  • management of the e-procurement platform (the School's purchaser profile);
  • communication of procurement procedures to the School's administrators.


  • Recording and archiving of the agreements of all the School's divisions, departments and laboratories.



Legal Services, Institutional Affairs and Procurement is a division of Professional Services. It serves to support the activities and missions of ENS Paris-Saclay.

The head of division is responsible for legal and institutional affairs and all public procurement activities.  

She is assisted by two staff members: one is responsible for the management of public procurement and related procedures, and another takes care of the School's institutional affairs.