Peter Wriggers

Peter Wriggers

2013 Honorary Doctor

His specialties concern the computation of nonlinear and non-smooth problems in mechanics. His book Computational Contact Mechanics is the reference for numerical methods in contact mechanics. 

Professor Wriggers  has been one the first to develop approaches for the numerical computation of effective material properties from the knowledge of the micro-scale including statistical procedures, error analysis and analysis tools for phenomena as complex as damage and chemical attack. 

He recently combines those features for the simulation of non-idealized granular material. The relevance of Professor Wriggers works can be seen by his collaborations with companies like Continental AG, Hilti AG or Michelin .... 

He has been able to span a bridge between engineering, mechanics and mathematics, which was also why he was elected (2008-2010) president of the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. 


Peter Wriggers is member of the Academy of Science and Literature in Mainz, and the German National Academy of Engineering. He was awarded by the most important prizes in the domain : Computational Mechanics Award, Euler Medal and IACM Award.