Le département de Biologie propose
  • Une formation d’excellence pour apprendre à innover et transmettre
  • Un savoir-faire pédagogique reconnu
  • Un suivi personnalisé de votre formation selon vos aspirations
  • Une connexion étroite avec la recherche
  • Une ouverture internationale
Département de Biologie ENS Paris-Saclay


The Department of Teaching and Research (DER) in Biology is open to students who are interested in teaching and research in all fields of biology.
Its main disciplines are biochemistry, microbiology and human biology. They allow an integrated approach to modern biology, with an emphasis on human pathologies (infectious diseases, cancer...)

It is associated with the Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology (LBPA).


North Building - 4th Floor - Room 4U35
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Tel. + 33 1 81 87 52 82


  •     Prefigurator Director: Gerald.Peyroche [at] ens-cachan.fr (Gérald PEYROCHE)
  •     Deputy Director of Studies: uriel.hazan [at] ens-cachan.fr (Uriel HAZAN)
  •     Deputy Director of Studies: PASCALE.RIALLAND-LEFEVRE [at] ens-cachan.fr (Pascale RIALLAND)
  •     Teaching team: 13 permanent teachers and teacher-researchers and 4 instructors
  •     Technical team: 4 people


The training within the DER allows the acquisition of scientific and technical knowledge ranging from the molecular to the organism scale: from biochemistry to applied microbiology through organic chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, human physiology, neuroscience, immunology, medical bacteriology, fundamental and medical virology.

This training has a dual purpose: teaching and research, and is included in the ENS diploma which is made up of four years of training including:

  • The first year of the degree: Licence 3 (L3) reinforced
  • the two years of the Master of Biology (M1 reinforced and M2),
  • a year whose nature differs according to the chosen diploma course: year of preparation for the agrégation, year of pre-doctoral research abroad (ARPE) or specific year of an interface course.

The training is based on various types of teaching (lectures, tutorials, practical work, internships, analysis of articles). All teaching units are built around a research problem. The department's equipment allows for state-of-the-art experimental teaching.

Bachelor's degree (L3)

Its objective is to gradually move students from a general education to a university education that is totally open to the world of scientific research. It allows them to:

Build a base of knowledge:

  • Acquire and consolidate fundamental knowledge
  • Acquire technical know-how
  • Stimulate curiosity and questioning

Acquire work methods:

  • Learn to work independently and in a team
  • Reinforce scientific rigor
  • Learn to use scientific literature

Discover the world of research and teaching:

  • Internships in laboratories
  • Discover the university world

Research activities

The courses are taught in collaboration with research laboratories, in particular the Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology (LBPA), a joint CNRS / ENS Paris-Saclay research unit, as well as with the various teaching departments at ENS Paris-Saclay (chemistry, physics, languages, computer science, information systems management, etc.)


The department works in close collaboration with the different teaching departments of the ENS Paris-Saclay (chemistry, physics, languages, computer science ...).

It also has partnerships with various institutions:

Students also do their internships in various laboratories throughout France and abroad (European Community, Southeast Asia, United States, Canada, etc.)