Tutoring & Mentoring



    The tutoring activity (ES3) validates the competence "Higher education".

    It aims to provide an educational experience for students.
    To validate the tutoring, it is compulsory to

    • Carry out a minimum of 15 hours of tutoring
    • Participate in 3 hours of pedagogical training
    • Write a report at the end of the activity.

    To participate in the activity: simply tutorat [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr (send an email to tutoring) specifying the partners with whom you wish to carry out the activity or fill in the online form (Googledocs).
    This form must be completed if you wish to follow the activity. This registration will only be taken into account if you have registered on the ADN platform for the "ES3" activity. Registration on ADN must be done before 30 September of the current school year.


    Tutoring can be done in partnership with:

    You can also do the tutoring internally at ENS Paris-Saclay: SoNo, EUGLOH


    This activity validates the activity "Dissemination of knowledge".

    This action is part of the equal opportunities plan developed by ENS Paris-Saclay to develop actions in favour of diversity and student success.
    It is part of the awareness-raising programme for primary, secondary and high school students about science and its practices, but is aimed at primary schools in Essonne and in particular schools on the Saclay plateau.

    It is supported by the Direction générale de l'enseignement supérieur et de l'insertion professionnelle (DGESIP) through a recurrent grant.

    In March 2022: intervention in the Neuveries school in Gif-sur-Yvette

    Eva Thuillier & Edith Turpyn led two sessions in 2 classes of CM1-CM2 on the theme "Discovering the microscopic world".

    Click on the image to see the full poster.