Frédéric Dias
Emilia Valori Prize - Académie des Sciences

Frédéric Dias

2014 Émilia Valori Prize from the Académie des sciences

Professor at ENS Paris-Saclay and researcher at University College Dublin

This major prize from the Académie des sciences has been awarded to Frédéric Dias, whose research focuses on ocean waves. 

His work on rogue waves was taken up in early 2014 in a publication by Met Éireann (the Irish national meteorological institute), echoing the latest IPCC report on climate change.

Award-winning projects

This French award followed on in 2014 from a new ERC Proof-of-Concept grant, which will enable full-scale testing of the advances made by the Multiwave project on rogue waves, using buoys developed with the industrial partner TechWorks Marine.

Frédéric Dias has also received awards for multidisciplinary research projects, including the ANR Digital Technology Prize for the Manureva project in 2013. 
The main aim of this project was to study the occurrence of extreme wave propagation in hydrodynamic and optical systems.