Equal opportunities

ENS Paris-Saclay encourages initiatives and actions within the institutional framework for external audiences. All Normaliens are encouraged to participate in or implement specific events on social issues.
These activities, such as scientific mediation, can be organised within the framework of the School's degree.

Summer school "Tell me about research

Every summer, ENS Paris-Saclay hosts a summer school for high school students, 3 days of immersion at ENS Paris-Saclay with doctoral students, the young participants produced a poster on the theme "Tell me about research".

This knowledge dissemination activity for future higher education teachers or researchers is an opportunity to produce an educational poster for a neophyte audience.
Participation in the Cordées de la réussite can be validated as part of the ENS Paris-Saclay diploma.



Cordées de la réussite

The national "Cordées de la réussite" days offer secondary school students an awareness of science and its professions, regardless of their socio-cultural background, by giving them the keys to successfully enter the fields of excellence.

The objectives of the Cordées de la réussite are to develop a taste for science, to demystify excellent training courses, and to inform future students about training courses preparing them for the professions of the future, regardless of their socio-cultural background. The aim of this event is also to allow young people to discover the professions and branches of higher education and research, and to exchange with professionals from various sectors.

Scientific mediation

Since the 1982 law on research, the dissemination of scientific knowledge is the third mission of researchers. They also have a general interest mission to contribute to the dissemination of scientific and technical culture throughout the population, particularly among young people.
Scientific mediation is therefore an integral part of their profession. But knowing how to communicate research to non-specialist audiences is not something that is innate or easy.

As the dissemination of scientific knowledge is a mission of the researcher's profession, the Normaliens are also invited to get involved.