Disability Support

Do you have an isolated or chronic health problem? The Relais Handicap is here to help, and is open to all students, PhD students, teaching staff and administrative staff.Disability support

Overseen by the Service Manager relais.handicap [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr (Laëtitia Gentot), and the Disability Support Contact, relais.handicap [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr (Doreen Kamga), the Relais Handicap exists to welcome, guide and support anyone working or studying at the university with a disability or special needs.

Disabilities are broad in scope, and may involve:

  • Sensory function disorders: auditory or sight impairment, etc.
  • Language skills disorders: dyslexia, dysorthographia, etc.
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Motor skills disorders: difficulty with movement, performing certain motions, dyspraxia, etc.
  • Psychological health disorders: depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, etc.
  • Physical health disorders: incapacitating illness, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Over 80% of disabilities are invisible. The Relais Handicap is here to help.


  • If you need to maintain the arrangements made for you prior to your matriculation at the university;
  • If you have recently been diagnosed with an illness or disability;
  • If you require treatment for an illness that occurs during your studies;
  • If you experience a one-off medical issue (such as a broken limb, for example) that may have a significant impact on your studies (ability to take notes or travel to classes, etc.);
  • We can make various arrangements to aid you in your studies (specially adapted devices, equipment loans, digitization of course materials, etc.) and exams (extra time, amanuensis, use of a computer, etc.) by drawing up a Support Plan for Disabled Students (Plan d’Accompagnement de l’Étudiant.e en situation de Handicap, or PAEH).

Special arrangements can also be made for those sitting the Cambridge Advanced ou IELTS exams.

Please contact us by email as soon as possible: relais.handicap [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr
The earlier you let us knowabout your situation and any special arrangements you may require, the more optimal your experience at ENS Paris-Saclay will be.

PHD Students, teaching and admin staff

If you are experiencing a health issue (physical or psychological) that affects your ability to perform your everyday duties and your work, the Relais Handicap can help to ensure you receive the necessary support (modification of your workstation, specialist equipment or software, remote working, etc.)

Please don’t hesitate to request more information from your Disability Support Contact: relais.handicap [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr or the staff doctor: polemedical [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr.

Our disability support policy

The ENS Paris-Saclay is committed to welcoming and supporting individuals with disabilities. To this end, a multi-year disability plan (which lays out actions and initiatives to be established by 2023 and put in place for the long term) was passed by the Board of Directors in July 2018.
Represented by its Disability Service Manager, the university actively participates in various initiatives and working groups: