Gender and sexual violence

ENS Paris-Saclay affirms its commitment to the fight against sexist and sexual violence. As an institution of higher education and research, the School has a duty to inform, to raise awareness, but also to receive and hear those who are victims or witnesses and to put an end to prohibited acts.

WHO TO CONTACT? or member of staff, victim or witness of this situation, do not hesitate to contact

France victime

CALL THE 01 80 52 33 86

Calls are received via a dedicated number made available to the three schools with a specific listening system including expert listeners to listen to people who feel they are victims, reassure them, help them identify the events they have suffered and provide initial information on the free services of local France Victimes associations close to their homes.

France Victimes' support is free for victims and confidentiality is guaranteed. It includes a complete service for learners and school staff:

  • Empathetic and caring listening at a fair distance from the callers;
  • Expertise in helping victims;
  • A global and multidisciplinary approach to victims and their families.

France Victimes has, within its victim support associations, lawyers specialised in criminal law, clinical psychologists, and can put in place social support by expert workers and experts from the social sector.

Mechanism for combating


The School has a system for combating gender-based and sexual violence which includes the following components

  •   The Gender Equality Officer
  • The Prevention, Orientation, Awareness and Information Group against Sexual Harassment (POSI): it reports to the CHSCT (Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee). The group's action targets sexual harassment, sexist or sexual insults as well as other related behaviours, such as sexual violence and rape. It informs and raises the awareness of staff and students on issues related to sexual harassment and gender-based violence and works closely with the association Clasches, which has published a practical guide on the subject (link to CLASCHES guide).

Making a report

The School has formalised the reporting system available to victims or witnesses of gender-based and sexual violence, in order to clarify the persons who can be contacted to listen to or accompany them in these situations.

    External resources

    • External reporting portal on the service-public website, with a 24-hour online chat, led by police officers and gendarmes, accompanied by psychologists, #NeRienLaisserPasser
    • 3919: the telephone number for women victims of violence, free and anonymous, accessible from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

    Awareness and prevention

    In particular, the institution has a Prevention, Orientation, Awareness and Information Group against sexual harassment. This working group depends on the CHSCT (Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee). Its action is aimed in particular at sexual harassment, sexist or sexual insults and other related behaviour, such as rape and sexual assault.

    Its role is also to inform and raise awareness among staff and students on these issues. It works closely with the CLASHES association, which has published a practical guide on the subject.