Transversal teaching units


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Learning sciences

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Environmental and Climate Sciences

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Science, technology and society

  • Introduction to the philosophy and sociology of science (V. Fages, semester 1, 20h)
  • Scientific and technical culture - V. Albe (Semester 1, 10h)
  • Scientific expertise - V. Albe (introductory course, Semester 2, 10h)
  • Digital issues of the contemporary world - F. Tarissan (Semester 1, 20h)
  • Science and technology in the public space - V. Albe (Semester 1, 20h)
  • Women in science - V. Albe (Semester 2, 10h)
  • Controversies in health and environment - V. Albe (Semester 2, 10h)
  • Voir les détails des UEs "Sciences, technologies et sociétés".

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Science, arts, culture and heritage